Mission 10-X

Novel Approaches for Energy-Efficient Computing of the Future

Mission 10-X leverages the knowledge in all these key areas

1: Novel Energy-Efficient Hardware

including Materials, Device, Circuit and Architecture Concepts for Brain-Inspired (neuromorphic) Computation, Atomic, Cryogenic, Opto-magnetic and Optical Computing, Energy-Efficient Nanophotonics, Storage, Quantum Machine Learning in 2D materials, Molecular Information Technology, Programmable Matter, Platform architectures, Hardware accelerators, and enabling systems.

2: Novel Energy-Efficient Software

including Complex Networks, Trustworthy resource-aware AI, Enhanced power efficiency using (Large Scale) Dataflow Computing, "Mathware", AI assisted software engineering, Geometric and Topological Algorithms, Design automation and enabling systems.

3: Novel Energy-Efficient Data Science applications

including Privacy-preserving Machine Learning Solutions for Society, Extreme Scale Data Analytics, Complex Networks, Geospatial Information Science, and enabling systems.